A dream chaser from Vancouver took a spur of the moment road trip to Oregon when she saw an enticing Facebook post. The Facebook post described a festival where the band Filter would be playing in Bend Oregon on Valentine’s Day for only $10. This dream chaser, Marinde Out, documents the road trip with great photos to accompany the tale. Read a bit of Marinde Out’s adventure after driving past Mt. Hood heading for Bend, below.

“As soon as we left Mt. Hood behind us, we found ourselves in a complete different ecosystem. It was like we drove straight into Spain. Dry shrubby landscape stretching out until the horizon. Not just a horizontal horizon, but one with teeth! Huge glacier covered volcanoes impressed us from far away. With the setting sun, clouds played the role of lava, and we witnessed an eruption without having the urge to evacuate.”

SRC: Find out if Marinde Out’s dream chaser made it to the festival in Bend and more at: marindeagle.wordpress.com/tag/columbia-river/

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