Seven Wonders of Oregon | The Wallowas

The Wallowas land is carved by the Oregon Trail, surrounded by Hells Canyon, Snake River, working ranches, ghost towns, and Wallowa Lake Tramway. With so much space and fresh air to breathe, The Wallowas is the perfect place to go camping, horseback riding, and experiencing nature. Read more about what is wonder has to offer below.

Surrounded by the remote Eagle Cap Wilderness, glacial lakes, working ranches and the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon, The Wallowas are one of Oregon’s most beautiful secrets. Hells Canyon: You can see a lot from high atop the Wallowas, including the very top of Hells Canyon, a 10-mile canyon carved by the Snake River that’s deeper than the Grand Canyon and a great place for camping, fishing, rafting and jet boating.

 SRC: Read full description from Travel Oregon about this Wonder of Oregon.

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